"There was just so much energy all around. During mid-set, there was an emergency in the crowd. Andy Leo made sure to stop the set, alerting the crowd and crew to the situation that was on hand. “We must take care of each other,” he told everyone, as the fans cheered and applauded his kindness"


 "There was everything from smoke machines, CO2 smoke cannons, confetti, and strobe lights. Their stage presence was simply perfect, showcasing consistent energy and flawless choreography throughout the entire set. They all promised they will be back on another tour again soon." 


"While Failure was the only band to perform with no openers, it gave Failure plenty of time for them to play a long two-hour set with many of their hits. After the two hours passed, the energy in the room genuinely never faded. They played a total of nineteen songs, including older material and almost all from their newest album, Wild Type Droid."