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Up next to take the stage was, The Word Alive. The Word Alive came out one-by-one to a frenzy of flashing strobe lights and screaming fans. The Arizona natives had nonstop energy from the moment they stepped on stage. It was an energetic seven-song set, which included songs from all six of their full-length albums. Touring guitarist, Hiram, told everyone how he has been still playing the guitar even though he broke his hand. What a true rockstar! After this tour, The Word Alive plans to head home and wrap up album number seven.
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, who abbreviates their names as D.R.U.G.S., was next. Their sound is post-hardcore with melodic choruses. Lead singer, Craig Owens is no stranger to the stage, as he was previously in the popular band, Chiodos. While singing their newest single, “Outcasts Vs. Everyone,” they had Telle from The Word Alive sing Brennan Savage’s part. During “The Longest Road” intro, Craig asked the crowd to hold up their cell phones with the flashlights on and wave them from side to side. He said that this was a minute for yourself since life gets so hard.  As the Soundstage’s light went dark, the sea of phones waving around in sync was such a peaceful and relaxing moment. They also mentioned that their new album DESTROY REBUILD is now available.

Finally, after three great sets from some pretty amazing bands, it was Crown the Empire’s turn. As soon as the Baltimore Soundstage’s lights went out, the crowd went crazy. For this tour, the band went all out. There was everything from animation playing on the screen to smoke machines. While they played, there was a never-ending amount of crowd surfers and moshpits. There was just so much energy all around.

During mid-set, there was an emergency in the crowd. Andy Leo made sure to stop the set, alerting the crowd and crew to the situation that was on hand. “We must take care of each other,” he told everyone, as the fans cheered and applauded his kindness. After the all-clear was received on the emergency, Andy Leo proceeded to play a game. Since the crowd was so packed, he asked one of the Soundstage’s bartenders to crowd surf over to the stage with a shot for him. Baltimore saxophonist, Saxal Rose even stopped by to play a song on stage with them. The band was very interactive with the crowd throughout the night. It’s no surprise that Maryland is surely one of the band’s favorite cities to play in, with how enthused the crowd was." 
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Big Time Rush was next. As the house lights dimmed, the crowds chanted “Big Time Rush, Big Time Rush!” As the anticipation grew and the crowd got louder, the curtain finally dropped and revealed Big Time Rush standing on a platform. 
As the music started and they jumped down, everyone in the crowd went crazy and the loud screams could be heard echoing throughout the Pavilion. Understandably, fans in the audience knew every single word of the group’s older songs, but they also sang their hearts out to their newly released songs. You could feel the energy radiating. After all, The Forever Tour is their first tour in almost eight full years. They really know how to put on a show. There was so much crowd interaction that it felt like you were part of the family. Big Time Rush played a game called storytime in which they wanted to know who skipped out on what they were doing to be at the show. The first response was from someone in the crowd named Maya, whose power was out. James then began to ad-lib a song about it while playing on the keyboard. Another fan actually skipped out on a date to be there.

There were many memorable moments. After performing “No Idea,” James mentioned that while he sang the line “You put a lightning bolt on my face line,” he actually saw a lightning bolt in the sky and it was a very surreal moment for him. During the song, “Paralyzed,” the boys surprised the fans by jumping off the stage and running into different parts of the crowd to sing the song. Every single fan was so eager to be picked when each of the guys went around the pavilion to pick a worldwide girl to serenade on stage during the song, “Worldwide.” There were also giant drawn-on beach balls being thrown around in the crowd, making everyone anxiously try to get a chance to hit them.

The production of the show was phenomenal. There was everything from smoke machines, CO2 smoke cannons, confetti, and strobe lights. Their stage presence was simply perfect, showcasing consistent energy and flawless choreography throughout the entire set. They all promised they will be back on another tour again soon. Be sure to check out their remaining show dates here!"
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"While Failure was the only band to perform with no openers, it gave Failure plenty
The Baltimore Soundstage in the heart of Baltimore City was home to this stop for Failure. This stage has housed many big-named concerts and now Failure can be added to their list. As the crowd poured in, it was very diverse between older and younger generations. There were a lot of parents with their children.

The evening started off with the Failure trio greeting us with a full 30-minute film called Failure Documentary that will be available for all to see in 2023. It included a mix of well-known musical and actor icons such as Maynard James Keenan, Haley Williams, Tommy Lee, and Jason Schwartzman. No spoilers, but it was packed full of everything from how people discovered the band, to how the band shaped the past, present, and future of their lives. The production was phenomenally put together and very informative. The crowd sure did have even more respect for Failure now.

While Failure set up on the stage, they treated the audience to an episode of the nineties show, Ren and Stimpy. The episode was called “Space Madness” and it kept the crowd laughing while they waited. When the lights dimmed, the packed crowd erupted with cheer as Failure took to the stage.

Lead singer, Ken Andrews, greeted everyone while walking onto the stage with a big grin from ear to ear. Their first song of the night was “Submarines.” As they played, their album art animation played behind them on the screen. The crowd made sure to sway and sing along to each and every song. They made sure to play their popular hits, such as “The Nurse Who Loved Me” and “Daylight.” Their interesting and melodic chord progressions beautifully bounced off the walls of the Soundstage.

While Failure was the only band to perform with no openers, it gave Failure plenty of time for them to play a long two-hour set with many of their hits. After the two hours passed, the energy in the room genuinely never faded. They played a total of nineteen songs, including older material and almost all from their newest album, Wild Type Droid. It’s just so amazing that they continue to make songs that are so close to their original and successful formula, rather than going too far off course in a different genre direction. All in all, we will be anxiously waiting for their next tour.

What an amazing night. Don’t sleep on this band! There are still some dates left on their tour, be sure to check them out here.
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